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Short Dumping

We have provided a few sample photos of short dumpers in action so that the public can see how unnecessary it is and the blight that results from this illegal activity.
City residents can avoid being penalized simply by knowing where to legally dispose of trash and debris.
Short dumping is the illegal dumping of trash and debris on a city street or vacant lot. These are often "drive by" trash dumping activities that occur frequently in some areas of the city. Besides the clean up costs, short dumping is a major nuisance which contributes heavily to the overall perception of blight in our city. The Philadelphia Streets Department is responsible for the clean up of illegal dumping found on city streets and sidewalks. CLIP is responsible for the cleanup of illegal dumping found on vacant lots.

Please call 311 to report illegal dumping. (If calling 311 by cell phone or from outside the city, please call (215) 686-8686).
You can legally dispose of rubbish, recyclables, bulk items or tires at three Sanitation Convenience Centers located in the city. All locations are open Monday through Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., except on City holidays. All trash must be brought inside the Sanitation Convenience Center during regular business hours. Check the Streets Department website for any restrictions.

If you have oversized trash or construction debris, the Streets Department provides a list of disposal facilities here: Bulk Items and Construction Debris Disposal.

Advantage of Recycling

Your recycling material is now worth money in your pocket. Thanks to the Streets Department Recycling Rewards program, instead of short dumping your recycling material, get rewards in the form of redeemable gift cards, gift certificates and coupons. For more information about this program, please visit the Recycling Rewards website.