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Emergency Services

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Office of Supportive Housing
1401 JFK Boulevard, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Appletree Family Intake Center (Single Women & Families) 
1430 Cherry Street
M-F; 7am-3pm

The Red Shield (After Hours Reception for Single Women with Families)
715 N. Broad Street
After 4pm

Station House (After Hours Reception for Single Men)
2601 N. Broad Street
After 4pm, Weekends & Holidays

House of Passage (After Hours Center for Women & Families)
48th St. and Haverford Avenue
After 4pm, Weekends & Holidays

Roosevelt Darby Center (Intake & Assessment for Single Men)
802 N. Broad Street
M-F; 7am-3pm

Emergency Assistance Response Unit (Walk-ins Welcome)
5252 N. 13th Street
M-Th; 9am-3pm
215-685-9087 (Information line)

Emergency Housing Intake:

Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline:

Adult Protective Services
Information and Referral Hotline:
215-686-5671 or 215-686-5672

Emergency Housing
Short-term accommodation for individuals and families to resolve an immediate housing crisis, assess level of need, and provide case management assistance in obtaining appropriate housing.
Transitional Housing
Transitional Housing helps households move toward self-sufficiency by providing supported semi-independent living for a period of 12-24 months. OSH coordinates with City departments and non-profit organizations to develop transitional housing for homeless individuals and families.
Emergency Food Distribution Program
State food distribution to OSH shelters and Philadelphia soup kitchens, food cupboards and food pantries.
Emergency Assistance & Response Unit (EARU)
5252 North 13th Street

Homeless Centralized Intake Services

Assess eligibility and service needs of consumers presenting for placement into emergency housing. Consumers are placed into homeless emergency housing. 
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