Take a moment to prevent a fire tragedy in your home.  This is a timely reminder from Fire Commissioner Ayers and the Philadelphia Fire Department to urge everyone to keep fire safety in mind during the Holiday season.   Click here for  some very important safety tips:

During the holiday season and all year around the Philadelphia Fire Department would like for you to take a moment to make your home safe by never leaving cooking unattended. Please click here for more holiday safety tips.


It's WINTER and the Philadelphia Fire Department would like for you to NEVER use gas or electric ranges and ovens to heat your home. Also, NEVER store kerosene or other ignitable liquids indoors. Remember to review your fire escape plan with your family. Click  here for Winter Safety Tips.

Carbon Monoxide
Did you know that approximately 200 people per year are killed by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning with an additional 5,000 people injured annually?

Click here to get more information about this potentially dangerous gas.


Extension Cords
Improper use of extension cords and old, worn damaged cords are frequent causes of serious fires and fire deaths.

Click here for more details about the proper use of extension cords

Portable Heaters
Improper use of portable heaters can lead to tragedies such as injuries, deaths, and property damage. Most fires involving portable heaters are caused by improper use, improper fueling or improper maintenance of the heater.

Click here for more details about the safe use of portable heaters

Winter Safety for Older Adults
Colder temperatures and snowy conditions create unique circumstances that place the elderly population at risk for injury or illness.

Click here for more details about how to prevent injuries to older adults